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Landscape paintings, floral paintings, still life paintings and photographic art.

Still life and floral paintings


I love to paint flowers  and still life. Here are some of my works in both oil and acrylics.



 Crystal Reflections - 42 x 32 cm - acrylic on canvas

Still life with red tulips in a crystal vase, reflection on the glossy table

 Narcissus - 40 x 40 cm - oil on canvas

White Daffodil narcissus flower close-up

 Hollyhock - 30x 30 cm - acrylic on canvas

Red Hollyhock flower closr-up

 Lilacs and Strawberries - 18x 26 cm - oil on canvas

Still life with lilacs and strawberries on a table

 Meadow Flowers - 35x 30 cm - oil on canvas

Still life with sunflowers poppies and daisies in a vase

 Wildflowers - 20 x 20 cm - oil on canvas 

Still life with wildflowers in a vase

 Red Poppies - 20 x 25 cm - acrylic painting

Red poppies with a green background of leaves

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Floral Paintings


Seascape, beautiful waves on the see, cliffs and rocks on the beach


Sketches and drawings

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